Clinical Pilates

What is it?

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This style of Pilates has progressed from the original Pilates method so that it is used as an exercise based treatment process, and manages the problems that underlie injuries. This ‘innovative approach has moved the Physiotherapy world on from generic “core stability” work to individualised “functional stability” programs’*.

These sessions take advantage of specialised Pilates equipment (Reformer and Barrel) and are taught in a highly personalised way (one to one ratio). The studio equipped to be user friendly for all ages and through all stages of life, including pregnancy. Studio sessions are recommended for rehabilitation and women’s health clients or anyone who seeks the benefits of a program designed to meet their specific needs.

Some examples of the types of clients who may find benefit in a private Clinical Pilates session are:

During pregnancy:
• for prevention and treatment of back and pelvis pain (PGP)
• in preparation for labour and the physical effect of caring for a baby
• a safe and effective exercise program that can be altered as the pregnancy progresses
• learning to bring awareness to breath and pelvic floor control

Coupled with a women’s health pelvic floor assessment this may be a useful way to learn to re-engage your pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles appropriately. Re-assessment will be able to indicate to you when you can transfer this functional rehabilitation of your pelvic floor and ‘core’ out to other exercise or movement that you enjoy such as running.

Musculoskeletal / Sports Conditions:
• postural complaints and awareness such as neck pain from desk work or driving
• back pain and rehabilitation
• hip and or gluteal pain and injuries
• sports people such as runners, cyclists, gymnasts, dancers, rowers etc.
• desire to work on flexibility and strength simultaneously
• imbalance in strength, control or coordination between left and right

If you have any queries about how Clinical Pilates may be of help to you please contact me today.

(*reference:, 2017)

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